The many pilots who donate to the Upwind Scholarship want to make a significant impact on the lives of young people and the future of aviation. These criteria are the selection committee’s way of ensuring that the recipients of the scholarship will be able to successfully participate in the program.

Passion for Aviation
✓ Do you hope for or plan for future participation in aviation?
✓ Have you demonstrated a passion/interest in aviation?
✓ Have you completed any training: ground school, demo flights, or flight training?
✓ Have you participated in Young Eagles flights, Hiller Museum summer camps, or flights with friends?

Ability to Succeed (in Upwind Summer Scholarship Program)
✓ Will you be 17 by August 2019?
✓ Do you have any physical, medical, or health challenges or limitations that could impact the success in the program?
✓ Do you have any schedule conflicts that would conflict with the program?
✓ Do you have Pilot-in-Command maturity?
✓ Can you demonstrate the ability to take in aviation knowledge when presented, understand it, and communicate that knowledge effectively?

Impact on the Individual
✓ Is there a financial issue preventing you from doing flight training at student’s family’s own expense?
✓ Would Upwind make a significant impact on your life?

Upwind Multiplier
✓ Do you contribute in a positive way to the community?
✓ Would you enhance the San Carlos Airport community?
✓ Do you communicate easily with others in a way that would promote general aviation to other youth?
✓ Would you be a good role model for aviation and the Upwind program?